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Feb 10 11

Cabling Contractor Correction

by admin

So I have a correction, or rather update…

Access Cabling & Communications Of San Jose
1227 North 5th Street, San Jose, CA 95112

Yelp Page

(408) 273-3120 ‎

Access Cabling, I have confirmed that they will do alarm pre-wires only!

Dec 16 10

Cabling Contractors

by admin

This is a list of cabling contractors that will do pre-wire installations send me an email to get you included. Thanks

Access Cabling & Communications

Cutthroat Cabling

Prewire of Elpaso

structured cabling contractors
data cabling contractors
Dec 16 10

Reset the DSC Alexor to factory default

by admin

Now here are the areas in the programming you need to do it. But remember you still need the Installer Code. If you don’t have it theirs a reason. Unless your alarm guy went out of business (unlikely) you need to pay for your panel and get it from him.

But if you don’t care: Hard Reset
A hard reset performs the identical function as above. It is used when the Installer code is unknown or the keypad is
not communicating with the alarm system. See steps below:
• Power down the system.
• Remove the front cover of the PC9155.
• On the terminal block, jumper I/O terminal 1 to I/O terminal 2 with nothing else connected to these two terminals.
• Power up the system for 20 seconds. (5 beeps sound to indicate that the reset has been successful).
• Power down the system and remove the jumper.
Label programming is stored in the system and locally at the keypads.
To retain label programming after performing a system reset (hard or soft) you must rebroadcast the labels by entering

[996] Restore Wireless Default Programming All programming in section

[804] Wireless Device Programming returns to the factory defaults.

[998] Restore Panel Default Programming All programming in the PC9155 returns to the factory defaults, except for the Wireless Device Programming sections.

[999] Restore Factory Default Programming
All programming, including wireless device programming, returns to the factory defaults.

Resetting the System to Factory Defaults
6.4 Troubleshooting
Resetting the alarm system returns it to the factory programmed defaults.
All programmed information including wireless enrollment, telephone numbers etc. will be lost.
• The Installer code changes back to [5555].
• The Master code reverts back to [1234].
• To enter ‘System Default’ from the “Ready to Arm Screen”:
where  represents the new installer code programmed in
Installer Programming to replace the 5555 default installer code.
• To reset the alarm system:
Other software resets are as follows:
• System Default [999]
• Panel Only [998]
• Wireless Devices [996]

Dec 8 10

Port 51004 DLS

by admin

Well to make your DLS software work behind a fire wall you need to open port 51004

Dec 8 10

You Tube Videos

by admin

To Start you off on your installing adventure:

You tube Full Install Video

although theirs a lot in the video it’s missing some detail!

Dec 8 10

How To Connect Your Alexor To Other Contacts

by admin

So I needed to connect more than two hardwire contacts so I used a Wireless Flood Detector WS4985 then just used the hardwire contact terminals to connect the contact. works fine.

you can also do this for any kind of contact like door, window, or even sprinkler flow switch for fire alarm monitoring.  Some links to

I found this guy looking for answers:

Dec 8 10

Alexor 2-Way Wireless Panel PC9155

by admin

So this is the table of contents for installation and configuration, let me know what you need help with 

Table of Contents
Chapter Description Page
1. Introduction
1.1 PC9155 Model Differences
1.2 Specifications
1.3 Controls & Indicators
1.4 Data Entry
2. Installation
2.1 Hardware Installation
2.2 Wiring
2.3 Wireless Device Enrollment
2.4 Global Wireless Device Placement Test
2.5 Individual Wireless Device Placement Test
2.6 GPRS/Ethernet Initialization
3. Operation
3.1 Operating Modes
3.2 Language Selection
3.3 [ ] Commands
3.4 Function Keys
4. Programming
4.1 Template Programming
4.2 DLS Programming
4.3 Installer Programming
5. Installer Programming
5.1 Index to Programming Options
5.2 Programming Worksheets
5.3 Programming Descriptions
6. Testing & Troubleshooting
6.1 Wireless Device Placement Test
6.2 Testing the System
6.3 Resetting the System to Factory Defaults
6.4 Troubleshooting
6.5 Battery Removal/Replacemen

Dec 1 10

The First Post

by admin

Welcome to my DSC Alexor Blog, First off I’m not going to try to sell you anything but fair warning i’m in the alarm business. I wanted to start this blog because I think this system should be a self installed system by the end user. But having done it myself many times, it’s not that easy! So here I go starting a blog to help everyone else get an Alexor Alarm System installed and working. That’s it.